Hi, My Name is Luca

The value that has become the guiding principle in my life. 

My name is Lucas Chan, but my friends call me Luca.
I am a lover, a student, a teacher, and a soul who seeks adventures in nature. 
Freedom is my calling and consistency is my method. 
What we respond to becomes who we are, and in today’s world of infinite choices, there is always something new to become.

What are some of the things I’ve responded to lately?
Well, I completed my Bachelor of Music in Digital Audio Arts at the University of Lethbridge in 2017.
Over 2014-2017 I climbed from Vice-President to President in the University of Lethbridge Climbing Club.
And I was also Vice-President of the University of Lethbridge Yoga Club from 2014-2016. In February 2017 I also climbed my first big multi-pitch “Unimpeachable Groping” in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada which was a sufferfest, but it was totally worth it.

Between yoga and climbing, I go from zen to one hundred and back in a heart beat. 
It gives me a natural energy boost equivalent to twenty-five pots of tea. 
What do I do with all that extra energy? 
As a Climbing Gym Instructor (Level 1), nothing feels more rewarding than coaching “my” kids. 
They take risks, they challenge themselves, and they enjoy every step.
All things that I strive to do in my life.
I may be their coach but I do my best to remind myself to take a moment to soak in everything they are teaching me along the way.  

With an interest in renewable, simple living, I intend to use my present and future skills to build a lifestyle where creativity, community, and sustainability walk hand in hand.
And I’m hoping to find a kindred spirit or two along the way. Would that be you? Take a look through my website, see what I’ve been working on, and maybe we’ll discover that we’ve been reaching for the same peak.

If you’d like to reach out to me feel free to email me! ^.^

With Love,

Last Edited: 2018-04-01